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Thread: Syncing to .mac with a windows pc?

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    Syncing to .mac with a windows pc?
    I am in the process of switching to having only apple computers in my house. I just got an iPhone and already have a macbook but at the moment my main PC in which I sync my iPhone is a windows desktop. I'm waiting until leopard comes out to purchase a new iMac but until then I would like to start using the .mac service and getting an email address. My question is, can I through windows sync my iphones contacts, and calendar with a .mac account?

    The other question is in the meantime, since .mac is a mapi or imap (i'm not sure of the term) can I open it in outlook or am i stricken to use the web browser?

    Thanks for the help!


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, mrsmitty13.

    Go to the .Mac webpage - Stay in sync: it might give you some answers.

    You'll just need to download the iDisk Utility for Windows.

    I can't help you with Outlook though as I have never used it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacHeadCase View Post
    Thank you so much for this. Until now I wasn't aware of the existence of iDisk for Windows. MHC rules

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    This might be of help too.. It explains what I did wrong the 1st time I tried sycning to idisk on my wifes Dell

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    Thanks.... I think they only solution to this problem (at least if i'm in a hurry to start using the .mac service) is to just sync the iPhone with my laptop as the "Primary" pc but set it up for manually manage music files etc... Then i'll just plug it into my desktop to sync the music and video files i want. Kinda a pain but I guess that the price i'll pay for impatience.

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