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Thread: irfanview-like application on mac

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    irfanview-like application on mac

    i found almost every application for apple, that i use.

    only the most important.

    an excellent picture viewer.

    i hate the "preview", because its too, yea dont know.

    it just takes houres to open much pictures.

    oke, what i want, is an application, that i can register for ALL jpgs/gif/mov/asf/wmv/mpg, means all pictures and movies for himself, and that i just can open a picture and then browse threw the folder.

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    isn't there an application???

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    What one application on the wintel box that open all of the formats you mentioned?
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    yes, the software ist called "irfanView" and its a extrem usful program.

    the software can browse a folder, and it use aso much as nothing at resources.

    it starts xtrem fast, and its easy to use.

    if you have a wintel or vPC you can download it, its freeware, the programm can handel with dirs that contains about thousends of pictures, no problem.

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    ehm, yeah, one application that opens allmost every picture/movie:
    here is a list of all formates.

    sure i just need gif/jpg/tiff/png and the other often-used formates, but i still didnt fine a similar programm on/for apple.

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    oh, you even can add some plugins

    like i already said, thats the one most important application that i need.

    eudora, office, macromedia, itunes, photoshop are all avaible on mac, but the problems are the "little-helper" tools.

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    If you have large libraries of images to browse through, there's iPhoto, of course. I don't think that's what you're looking for, but I thought I'd mention it.

    You might first try GraphicConverter. (I got a free copy of GraphicConverter with my PowerBook; if you have a PowerBook or Power Mac, check your Applications folder. iMacs/eMacs/iBooks don't seem to have it bundled.) That should cover most of the graphic formats. You could then use VLC or MPlayer to play the audio and video files.

    I also found Stimulus on VersionTracker, which seems like what you're looking for, except that it doesn't support quite as many formats.

    [EDIT: I also thought I should mention that the fastest way to peek inside most images and movies in OS X is to use column view (View > as Columns) on a folder in the Finder. It's the best way to see quickly whether you even want to open the file in the first place.]

    Let us know what happens.

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    I'm sure if u looked around in the PC platform, you would have noted that IrfanView is the same as ACDSee, only that ACDSee is not free.

    Well, guess what?! They do ACDSee for Macs as well!

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    irfan view is NOT the same like ACDsee.

    first i tried ACDsee (about 3month), and i hate it.

    its too overloadet, everywhere a windows, and a button, and a liste, and and and.

    i hate that.

    irfan view is perfect, simle, easy, free, small

    to iphoto:
    oke, if iphoto can manage about 450'000 pictures/movies.

    now another question:
    if i could have the source of irfanview, would it be difficult to port it in mac???

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    does nobody know a similar application???

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    nope! lol

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    Couldn't find one myself.

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    hm, im going to talk with the programmer of irfan view.
    perhaps i can spend him some money, and he could give the source code to sourceforge.
    perhaps, somebody there could move it to a mac.

    it would be great

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    adam taylor
    hi fabio, ive been through the same process, i used acdsee and irfanview over the years and they are great. there is a mac acdsee but it feels like a very old version. not that great. not found an equal utility on mac yet which is a shame.

    am i missing something? can osx display a folders contents as thumbnails or do i have to go to iphoto?

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    Ulead Photo Explorer for Mac
    I too love using Irfanview on my pc to look at pictures and movies. But searched all over trying to find it not to be compatable with Mac. I also have been using Ulead Photo Explorer 8.0 on my pc to print thumbnails/contact sheet with remarks. I bought the one for mac for $25 but it only prints the thumnail or custom size prints. I am going to try and print a church directory with thumnails and below it the names of the members. After searching and searching I found a great way to do it from a Mac forum.

    In iPhoto select the image you’d like to appear on the contact sheet and choose Share > Export. In the resulting Export Photos window, click the Web Page tab. Within that tab enter the number of columns and rows of pictures you’d like to appear on a page and in the Thumbnail portion of the window, enable the Show Title option. Click Export to save the pictures to a web page.

    When you open that web page in your browser you’ll discover that it carries not only the images you selected, but also each image’s Comments. Now simply print each page and you’ve got the contact sheet you’re after.

    By doing this you can resize the thumbnail's to the exact size you want and get a preview of what it will look like when printed.

    Why can't those developers of iPhoto make it easier for us to do something as important as this when printing contact sheets. I also had to buy a new HP printer as my Cannon printer only does Windows. The software for HP will print contact sheets with file names.

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