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    Apr 02, 2006
    Got my macbook pro this morning!
    It finally came in the mail. Man is this thing nice. I'm still getting used to it but I've used macs before and it hasn't been bad. I thought i'd get higher FPS in wolfenstein enemy territory, but its playable. Havn't got any programs on it yet, need photoshop, sibelius, etc... Anyone have an iChat replacement? I don't like the back and forth text bubbles. Also theres a background color behind my text and i dont like that. I tried to remove it, but "clear" is actually just light grey. All in all i like it a lot.

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    Its very nice!! Congrats on your new Mac!

    About Wolfenstein:ET:

    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a PowerPC app if i recall. That s why you dont get great framerates.

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    In iChat, you can turn the bubbles off by going in to a chat, and clicking view, and going to "Show as text". If you don't like that, google search Adium.

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