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Thread: Nero ISO Files

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    Nero ISO Files
    Hey all,

    I have a .nrg (Nero ISO file) i want to use on osx, is there anyway to convert this file to a recognizable ISO file?

    2. What programs do I need to convert a disk to an ISO?


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    Toast 8 will recognize .nrg files. From there you can go to copy from disk image, and then "burn" it as a .iso rather than to a physical disk.

    At least, I think that should work; I've never had to do it.

    If you don't have Toast 8 (I don't know if Roxio allow a trial), there's DiskBlaze that should allow you do to the same thing and does have a free trail period.

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    You may even be able to get Toast 8 to convert that .nrg file into a .dmg, which would negate the burning process altogether.
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