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Thread: kernel attacks?

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    kernel attacks?
    I am pretty new to mac, and have finally experienced my first set of Kernel attacks! I had gotten one a week ago, and had just got two consecutive ones about 20 minutes ago....and for some reason they all happened when i was connected to the wireless network at my question is that if this is something i should really be worried about and contact apple about....because i think i read somewhere on this forum that it could be caused by certain hardware such as a faulty network card?
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    You where attacked by giant kernals of popcorn?

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    I believe you mean kernel panics. I, personally, do not know if they could be a sign of hardware failure.
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    Yes, panics. And they do indeed usually mean that there is something wrong with some hardware or other.

    However, at the same time, I've had five of them off and on with my Macbook since buying it, and none since the last one which was something on the order of 4 months ago, with continuous use. So unless they start happening really frequently, and point to the same type of hardware, I wouldn't start, uh, panicing yet.

    Mine did happen when I was doing a lot of switching between many different wireless networks, but they mostly referenced USB type stuff. So it's a mystery.

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    There has been some talk in the last couple of weeks of that occurring. Macbooks and MBPs seem to have connections problems and even crashing issues. I haven't noticed it on my system and it doesn't seem like every owner has the issue.

    This switcher is very upset. Further down in that thread you'll find a post by me regarding a possible fix.

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    yesss...thats exactly what i!

    hmmmm yea it is a bit of a pain in the neck when i wanna get online at university...:S
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