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Thread: G5 Jam!!

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    Thumbs up G5 Jam!!
    I just found out my local dealer has those in stock! Finally there's a way of adding 2 additional SATA drives into the G5 case without too much modification.

    JAZZY SOLUTION: Wiebetech has engineered an innovative solution for adding two more drives INSIDE the G5 Power Mac. It's called "G5Jam." They actually replace the G5's plastic air baffle with a machined aluminum air baffle strong enough to mount two drives. When you install it, the drives are suspended in the PCI bay. Very cool. So cool, it won one of the "Best of Show" awards at the January 2004 MacWorld S.F.

    The G5Jam Rocks! It fixes the one glaring fault in the design of the G5 Power Mac: limited internal drive expansion. It's a great product for "Power Users" who want to have maximum storage with minimum external clutter.

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    That's actually very cool.

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