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    Post VAT return-Online store (UK)
    hi guys.

    i am planning 2 get a new MacBook & since I will be leaving Europe for a couple of days, I will be able to get the VAT tax refund (better price for my first macbook!!!). I reckon I can probably get the VAT refund form if I get the Mac directly from the store.

    Was just wondering how do I deal with it if I get it from the online store..

    Anyone that have had this experience? Just wanna see if anyone do before I ask apple themself.


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    not sure if you've left yet, and not an expert on european taxes, but if you are VISITING europe and you purchase there, you should be able to get VAT refunded. If you LIVE there and are going out of the country on vacation, you can't.

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    This sounds very dodgy. I don't see how you can claim tax back just because you're going on holiday. If you buy it when you're outside of Europe then you won't have to pay any VAT on it (but will have to pay import tax in whichever country you ship it to, although since you're not a citizen of that country it might be refundable).

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