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    Macbook Mag By iCreate
    I was recently on my hols in the UK . I was walking through WH smiths in Cardiff when I saw a Publication called Macbook It was published by the same people that publish the iCreate mag.

    It cost me 12.99 but it was well worth it . The mag is beautiful heavy glossy pages and makes you want to read it. It consists of lessons (Kind of) and hints and tips for all the applications in iLife,OS X, Apeture and so on. It shows you how to do things from beginner to expert. This is great if like me you haven't got to grips with all your Mac can do.

    I have started to use iWeb and following the instructions in the mag it was a lot easier and quicker than I would have thought.

    So UK Mac Friends Rush out and Buy this Magazine . At the moment it is in 2 volumes and is Exclusive to Smiths

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    Kinda expensive but sounds like it's the sort of thing im after. I was going to get one of the montly magazines but i never know which one. None of them seem to have enough articles in relevant to me and so i can't justify forking out £5 or £6 on them. They all seem to be about Final Cut Pro!!
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    I too have seen these types of publications in smiths. Not seen the specific one you are talking about kilted1, but There was one for iLife I think...
    I will need to keep an eye out for the one you saw.

    Agreed they are quality looking publications - not located by all the other mac magazines, usually in their own section with lots of similar more "expensive" publications...

    Somewhere in between a manual type book and a normal magazine publication.

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