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Thread: ver new here

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    Jul 18, 2007
    ver new here
    hi, looking for any info as im about to buy a mac bookand leave my pc in the dust ! Any helpwould be greatly appreciated

    Thanks !

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    Oct 05, 2006
    you really need to be more specific with what kind of help you need.
    your lucky this is a friendly forum. i have seen people brutally flamed on other forums for alot less.

    anyway. macbooks.

    first you need to ask yourself what you want it for, what your budget is and when you need it for.

    lets have more details of those things, then we can begin to help you out with what macbook you want


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    Jul 18, 2007
    thanks pete
    Thanks for your patience, I was looking at the macbook in white- 2.16 ghz,
    1gb memory and 120 gb hard drive. It's basicallygoing to replacemy crappy pc laptop, basically for home use possibly for school masters program in eng lit. I use my computer to stay current politically, play a little online poker and im really into music. I use i tunes regularly i have a huge collection im switching over to my ipod.
    Im just sick of windows and being forced to use vista and i 'm looking for the stabililty that mac has to offer, but being a total atranger to mac i'mjust trying to learn as much as i can before i commit to buying a product that might be wrong for me,not financially i'd raher spend a little more now and get a product that will last a while, than be frugal and buy a lesser product.
    Sorry for being so verbose but i really appreciate this forum and and the very nicepeople as well. Thanks again for any help.

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    May 08, 2007
    Think you should start here dude..

    As TenderSurrender indicates there are TONS of existing threads - plus the stickies are brilliant on this forum...

    happy reading!

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