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Thread: Macbook Protection

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    Macbook Protection

    I just got my lovely new MacBook in white, and was wondering how to best protect it.
    I am so scared that it gets scratched or dirty...
    1. I ordered that Skin thingy for the keyboard... does anyone have any experience with that?
    2. What about the space to the left and right of the trackpad. I always have my hands there when I type... will that get quite dirty and scratched easy?
    3. What about the outside of the MacBook? I would imagine that it scratches quite easy. I do handle my MacBook very carefully, but it's a bit annoying to always take that much care.
    4. ...anything else you can recommend for protection?

    Thanks in advance!

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    the skin prevents the keys from being soiled from daily use however, i feel that the system runs a tad hotter with the skin on, because IMO the air intake to cool the system is from the keyboard. I use mine about 80% of the time, depending on the apps I'm using, I take them off when I'm running CS2 and other programs when I do not need to use the KB as much

    i know for issue 2, you can get the protection mats to be placed on those areas.

    my friend(female) handles her MB pretty carefully but it still ended up getting slightly dirty. I guess it will happen cause it's just white.
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    So, is it quite easy then to put on the keyboard skin and take it off again? Will it the typing be the same or does it make it harder?


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    i have a iskin for the keyboard and it's easy to put on and remove.. you should wash it on a weekly basis so that the dust and any dirt doesn't get permanently caked on and make sure it's dry when you put it back on

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    I got some sticky things that sit on each side of the trackpad, and also stick to the trackpad itself and the button. They work pretty well at keeping the dirt off, and are slightly textured so they are more comfortable I got them from eBay.
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