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    A quick folder-related question for you....
    Hey, thanks in advance for your help, I value your expertise.

    I just had a quick question regarding folder options....

    Like a moron, I just deleted my main documents folder (it had nothing in it) under my home folder. Now I don't know how to re-enable/recover it! Is there an option to do this, or do I have to recreate it myself? And if I do have to recreate it, will the system see it as the same thing? Because in windows I know the My Documents has a specific function...

    Helpo this n00b!

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    Open a finder window (or press command-n), click Home (or the name of your Mac icon) You will see a Documents folder, drag that into the sidebar.

    You wouldn't have deleted the actual folder, just the alias.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin_P View Post
    You will see a Documents folder, drag that into the sidebar.
    Ummm, there's no documents folder in the home folder (my name). It was gone the moment I deleted it out of the sidebar....not sure what to do at this point. Thanks for the response though, I appreciate your advice.

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