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    Question SSH for Mac question
    I used to use a program "ssh for windows workstations" from I was wondering if there was a similare program for Mac that would allow me to ssh into a *nix box with an interface that would allow me to drag and drop file from my powerbook to the server?

    Tahnks for any help..

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    Yep. The original SSH that comes with EVERY unix box. Go to the Terminal, then type "ssh -l yourloginname hostname" without quotes, and substitute hostname with the real hostname. BTW, that argument is a lowercase L. dash L.

    Oh, misread the question. Dunno if theres any graphical one. I'll check and post back in a sec.

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    pcjabber, thanks for the links.. I do know how to ssh out from the cli, i have many *nix boxes I wish the terminal would be a CTRL+Mouse Click option on the open desktop.. can I create a shortcut for it?

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