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    Exclamation monitor pops
    Hello, I've had my iMac since Christmas, it has been really good to me. There is only one little thing that concerns me, when I put my iMac to sleep after a couple minutes it will make this sudden pop noise, not loud, but loud enough for me to hear. This noise sometimes happens while I'm on the mac as well. The thing that concerns me is I had an old Dell computer and the monitor started to make these popping sound once and awhile then one day it just never turned on, so I had to replace it. Is this small pop that I hear once and awhile a problem or will it turn into one?

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    What kind of screen is it? LCD or CRT?
    schweb This has to be one of the best threads ever in MF history...
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    Since you're still under warranty, give AppleCare a call and see what they recommend. I have a feeling that the only thing you can do right now is run Apple's Hardware Test in extended mode so it can check out the graphics card.

    You will find the Hardware Test on your install DVD/CD. If you have an Intel-based iMac, restart with the DVD in the optical drive while holding down the D key. Ask for the extended mode as I wrote above and read the report carefully. Post back if you're not sure about what is there.

    No matter the result, I still think you should give AppleCare a call. Good luck!

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    The monitor is a built in LCD. I did the Hardware Test on the install CD with extended mode and it didn't find anything wrong.

    I'll also give AppleCare a call to see what they think.


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    Just so you have a comparison, my iMac G5 might have just about the same built-in LCD you have and I don't hear a sound if it goes to sleep.

    You did install all the latest OS updates, yes? There was a problem with the 10.4.10 update which in some models made the audio pop and crackle and Apple has released a fix for it.

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