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Thread: iSight and Digital Camara Question...

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    iSight and Digital Camara Question...
    guys, how convinient the isight really is?....i was playing with one and it works GREAT!, with the mic and the high end quality of the image......but isight conection can only be used with Macs?.....for example.....if i have isight and my girlfriend only has a logitech quickcam (Windows PC) can we still chat (ichat AOL) ...will i suffer from quality loss? i know it's a great web cam when two people both have it.....but how about when only ONE has it, and the other has PC and another cam?

    second question is: i'll be buying a Nikon Coolpix 3200 soon, and i'd like to know if some how i can use it as a web cam to chat live? that way i'd save some money

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    If the other camera is of the same quality as the iSight, the only issue you should have is with the varying transfer rate of the internet connection. Expect live conferencing to be choppy with anything less than a professional setup.

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