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    iphoto albums... windows folders?
    alright i just switched from xp pro to os x on a mbp 17" with 4gb ram.

    everything's going great i love it and there's so much to learn but!

    can someone tell me if you can import all your photos (which are very organised in normal folders from xp) into iPhoto without losing the organisation of folders?

    when i try do this, iPhoto automatically organises ALL my photos into years e.g. 2003,2004,2005,2006 etc etc and i lose all my organisation!!! SO ANNOYING

    is there any way i can fix it?

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    iPhoto will refer each folder as "rolls." You can re-create the folder-like structure by dragging and dropping each roll into the sidebar, and iPhoto will make an album for each roll.

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    alright yeah i'm not a total idiot i know how to make albums

    but the thing is i want to make it like...

    as in 'folders in folders'

    that sort of folder arrangement...

    is that impossible with iPhoto?

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    Do not mess with the organization of iPhoto in the finder!!! Do all of your organization from within the iPhoto app! You will create heartache and misery if you mess with the finder. Pretend the library in finder does not exist!

    To Import your photos and keep your organization, import them folder by folder (I know, takes a while, but if you want to retain your organization, that is the way to do it).

    Once you have your "rolls" imported, create an album by clicking on file, new album. Then drag your corresponding photos into that. If you want a structure like "Vacations" then under that, maybe "Paris 2006", "Italy 2007" (I'm dreaming, here!), etc., create a folder named Vacations, and drag your yearly (or whatever) albums into that. Easy!

    Another hint to make sorting easier, is to rename your "rolls" (particularly the ones you import later on from your camera) to something more descriptive. Then you can collapse the rolls (little grey triangle next to the name), and get a good idea of what is on that roll. You can even move photos from roll to roll if you wish.

    Good luck -- remember, STAY OUT OF THE FINDER!

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    This is one of the things about transitioning from a PC to a MAC. You have to learn to just let go of the idea of moving things around within folders, and instead move them around within the program used to organize and open those files. Sucks, but you'll get used to it. Apparently it's actually easier to handle files that way, but I'm a newbie too.

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    oh my god yesssssssssssssssss i just did it! thank you so much skybolt haha tell what i was doing wrong. i wasn't really differentiating between 'folders' and 'albums' in iPhoto... i thought a folder was an album and vice versa. anyway all fixed now and i'm so glad so thank you

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