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    Updgrade to Tiger... going bad!
    Ok so I purchased Tiger to upgrade my 17" Powerbook. Everything went well and I was running a nice and fast system. Problem? It gets hot, I mean 60C+, just browsing. They keyboard is getting hot to the touch. What is wrong here?
    I did the first install and upgraded to the latest 10.4.10 then I reinstalled the system and kept it at default and it is still running hot.

    So I decided to go back to the default Jaguar but the restore disk is not booking up when I hold down C. I get a message that I need to restart or power down the system.

    Anyone please help... I am afraid my computer will die on me with these temps.

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    what are the specs on your powerbook? it could just be it's not meant to handle tiger.

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    Are you sure that is the CD that came with your PowerbooK? What you are getting is a Kernel Panic. It boots from the Tiger DVD but gets that restart message with the Jaguar CD?

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    Tiger installed perfectly both times. Jaguar will not boot period, yes it is the restore cd for this model.

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