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    We just purchased a Sony DVD Camcorder >>>
    We know we cannot use the little disc on a Mac, BTW, we have a MacBook, but is there a way to download the disc from the camcorder to the MacBook? The Sony does come with a USB cable. We have not seen it yet because we have not opened the box. Help Please.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I would try just plugging it straight into your mac with the USB cable and see is it recognized? I know I HAD one and it DIDNT work with my iBook. That would have been an older model thought (about 18 months ago)

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    iMovie will only detect video from a firewire cable. The firewire port is just beside the two USB ports on the left of the MacBook. You'll need to buy a firewire cable and hope it will plug into your camera.

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    I'd be very surprised if it worked. USB is simply not designed to handle video.

    Is there any chance you could take it back and buy a proper MiniDV (tape) camera with a FireWire port?

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