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Thread: CD-Rom Question

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    CD-Rom Question
    Hey guy's I am new to this site and new to Mac in gereral. I just switched over about a month ago. I have a macbook pro 15" etc... Last night I went out and bought a wireless mac keyboard (it kicks), but in order for me to use it I had to use the cd it came with to install it. So I put the cd into it to install it and I can hear the cd start spinning....then it get's super loud...and the laptop starts vibrating because it's spinning so hard. I checked the disk and it is fine (not dirty or scratched). So I tried a different disk and it did the same thing!! Is this normal? Should I take it in to an apple store and have them look at it? Any help or suggestions would be great!! On a side note this site has been very helpfull with my transition. Thanks alot!!!

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    that can happen with any computer/cd

    if it is happening to EVERY cd you insert you need to take it to an apple store

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