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    Jun 16, 2007
    Mighty Mouse/Apple Keyboard?
    I'm wondering whether to shell out for a MM/Apple Keyboard combo, but I occasionally hear rumbling in the Apple Community in the Mighty Mouse?

    Is it any good? Is it worth the extra expense?

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    Jun 19, 2007
    Ive used the mighty mouse back when i was at school. Good mouse but for that price getting a logitec mouse would be better. Do some research. Remember it only cost that much because of the logo on it.

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    If you care about matching components for your mac they would make a nice combo, otherwise I can't really recommend the mighty mouse, especially if you're into gaming. Unless you mean the bluetooth mouse which is great for portability and freeing up a usb port. The keyboard is good because it has usb ports built in, although I believe they aren't usb 2.0 so you won't get higher speeds out of them.

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    I love my BT MM and BT keyboard. Use them all the time with my Macbook. Use the keyboard because I don't want to scratch the wrist rest on the 'book (I wear a medic alert bracelet at all times). Love the mouse, but then again, I don't game, just regular surfing, mail, etc. No problems whatsoever (except that when I take the 'book into the living room, I have to turn off the mouse in the computer room -- range is so good that it goes through two walls and about 30 feet!)

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    MM/Wireless keyboard combo is once again a subjective thing, similar to the screen size of the Macbook. Some people are going to love it and think that it's "perfect", others are going to find some show-stopping fault with either.

    I'm in the "love it" camp regarding both Macbook screen size and the MM/Wireless keyboard combo. I love the mouse ball (nipple) for both its feel and the scroll-ability it provides. Yes, sometimes something (usually a cat hair) gets in and gunks it up such that it doesn't scroll occasionally. An optical wipe and a shot of canned compressed air will get it going again. The keyboard has a good feel, is slim, and all the correct keys work the way they're supposed to. The battery life for both is more than adequate, especially if one uses rechargable NiMH batteries (keyboard 4 AAs, mouse 2 AAs.)

    Sure, there are cheaper and possibly even better bluetooth wireless keyboard/mouse combos, but I didn't get them, don't mind what I paid for what I got, and the Apple MM/Keyboard matches my Macbook.

    Shallow? Eh, I gotta stare at this thing for hours each day, so every little bit of asthetic and function counts. The MM/Keyboard combo serves both.

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    I'm a pro phooter, and I love the MM. I know that there are other 4D scrollers out there, but mine is great for navigating images up close. If you have to go pixel-by-pixel, having the ability to scroll in all directions is priceless.

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    I'm not a fan of either the MM or the Apple Keyboard. Our mouse stopped scrolling down after about four months and the "m" key on the keyboard gave up the ghost after about six months. While I agree that aesthetically they are a perfect match to the iMac, they both seem a bit cheap. I've had IBM and Dell peripherals that have been working for years maintenance-free. YMMV.

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    I fell in love with Mac 3 years ago because of the Mighty Mouse. It was love at first sight, though not exactly smooth-sailing, but we were cruising along together through our programs in no time.

    Not too sure if the MM would be as responsive to my love as it did during our one-month affair, but I would purchase one as soon as I get my MacBook. Question is: wired or [s]promiscuous[/s] BT-enabled

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