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Thread: Cleaning Mac Screen

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    Cleaning Mac Screen
    Any recommendations? Windex? Obviously not a paper product, correct?

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    I use Kensington's Screen Guardian. I think it came with its own cloth. I tried Monster's iClean Screen Cleaner but it left an oily residue that I absolutely hated. Windex would be too harsh, I think: it contains ammonia and crap like that.

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    Definitely NOT Windex. Nothing w/ ammonia in it.

    I've used an eye glass cleaner cloth w/ some water. The only problem is I can see streaks when my notebook is off. When it's on I can't see them. I might try a light soap and water mixture next time.

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    Just a damp microfiber cloth would do the trick perfectly!

    It is what I use and you know it won't damage the screen.

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