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    Question SOPHOS AntiVirus
    Ok so the University i go to requires that all laptops and computers have AntiVirus software installed and i was wondering which to go with I want something that is free and dosnt take up alot of resources and was wondering if anyone has used SOPHOS or if there is a better AntiVirus software out there any help or suggestions would be great!

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    Used to have it at work and were able to use it on license at home, then we stopped using it (corporate reasons only) and stopped using it, don't know why other than Anti virus seems to go through trends one becomes better than others swap, then onto another etc etc, at that time it was a great app, BUT THAT WAS WITH WINDOWS machines so I've never used it in the Mac world.
    But I'd always trust a Sophos App.
    Does that help, probably not

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    Tell them that your AV software is called Mac OS-X
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    Previously I've used Intego VirusBarrier X2. It seems to take up relatively a lot of memory but compared to all the other commercial AV software, its negligible. Recently Intego started offering VirusBarrier X4 Dual Protection - Protection for both MAc & PC. It sounds a good deal.

    ClamxAV is a free AV software which also works pretty well too. It uses less memory(RAM).

    If you are interested in a commercial product I would suggest you to go for Intego. Otherwise you should try ClamxAV

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