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Thread: My two major concerns before switching

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    Exclamation My two major concerns before switching

    I've tried OS X recently, and saw the Leopard demos , too. I'm now really considering buying a macbook as my next laptop. However, before I do so, I have two concerns:

    1) How will I use my USB devices' software in the future? Do find yourself forced to buy only those devices that come with mac software? (like digital cameras...etc).

    2) What if I need to use Microsoft development tools (like the .NET framework for example), will that work smoothly through parallel? or perhaps the new bootcamp?

    Also, is there any new macbook model I should wait for? because I'm planning to buy one soon, but I don't want to buy it then suddenly a new/better model gets released.

    Your help is appreciated

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    Your USB devices should work flawlessly with OS X without the software it came with... My Canon Camera, Sony Camcorder, Samsung mp3 player, USB thumb drives ALL work perfectly.

    .Net should work great in Parallels, using Windows through Bootcamp is no different than using Windows on a dell machine.

    No one knows when macbooks will be revised, though they were updated just about 1 month ago, so I would GUESS it will be quite a while before anything new is released in the Macbook and Macbook Pro laptops.

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    ... Except of course leopard. As soon as its released all new macbooks will have it preinstalled for free in stead of having to buy it if you get a macbook now, with Tiger. - forum for fun people

    Irssi, client of the future

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    1) I bought a Samsung digicam recently and there is no software related to Mac. You just plug it in and iPhoto reads it! Some USB devices that you've used in the past might need a download from the manufacturer's website to get the latest OS X support. Let's face it, there are some items like fancy keyboards that come with a zillion Windows functions that are not going to have the same Mac support. It depends on the device.

    2) Cannot speak to MS development tools, but keep in mind that under Bootcamp, the Mac is now a fully Windows machine no different than say a Dell with Windows.

    Since the MacBooks got a minor upgrade recently, it is not likely that the MacBook with get another hardware upgrade before 2008. Leopard should ship with the current MB around the end of Oct. The only other consideration is the recently upgraded 15" MacBook Pro which has now the best screen in the world according to one authority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M57 View Post
    Also, is there any new macbook model I should wait for?
    Nobody knows for sure, but there are rumors:

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