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    movie clip making / slideshow program included on Mac?
    Hey, im still in the process of exploring al of my macs programs. Is there one on the comp, or one I can download for free that will allow me to make movies (edit, put sound to them, etc..) like for YouTube and/or a program that will let me make picture slideshows and set music to them?

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    iMovie comes with all Macs. You can do all of that stuff on there and it is fairly simple to use.
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    iMovie comes with all Macs. You can do all of that stuff on there and it is fairly simple to use
    yes it is included in and it is brilliant for video editing. Like a gazillion (not sure of it is a real word) times better than Windows Movie Maker ~ makes me sick to say it.

    Also if you have a superdrive you can use iDvd and make dvd titles etc and burn it onto a dvd.

    It Rocks.

    you can use transitions and effects it is sooo cool i cant wait untill i get my MB!

    *cough rep cough*

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