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    Eudora: Win->Mac??

    i'm 18y old, and come from switzerland, that's why my english is so bad, and i saved now about 6000 SFr, and i'm going to buy me a G5.
    oke, now, im still working on windows (heeeeelp...).
    to manag my emails, im using eudora, i have the paid version.

    does anyone know, if there is a possibility to import the accounts, emails, folders to the eudora for mac os x??

    do you think i should wait until the new G5 are releas, and the prices for the G5 of now will become cheaper??

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    Per Mac Rumors Buyers Guide, they suggest you wait if you are planning to purchase the G5. Also if you wait, when the newer ones appears the, older models will be reduced in price.
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    The Eudora people have instructions to moving your mail and contacts

    The current G5 models were introduced almost a year ago. I agree with the Buying Guide: I'd buy one only if I really needed one now.

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    so, how long do you think, do i have to wait, until the new G5 are released in EU!!??
    one month, two, or longer?

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