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Thread: Adobe Premiere for MacOSX

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    Adobe Premiere for MacOSX
    Hi all,

    I'm new-ish to Macs and completely new to video editing. Basically what I want to do is show 2 quicktime movies in a split screen format. Our computer department told me that the only software they have in stock is Adobe Premiere. Does anyone how good that software is for video editing in MacOSX? Or does anyone recommed anything else?

    Thanks in advance


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    try final cut express. its better then premier. it will allow much more render-free functions and previews in real time. less you need to render, faster you work. it will save lots of time
    check this link for detales:

    the link above vas originaly in german and was translated in english with google. there are some mistakes in translation but you will get the point

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