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Big Dog Dad 05-31-2004 08:33 PM

Newbie question on wireless laptop?
This may sound like a dumb question or I'm just showing my own stupidity but,...I use a dial-up ISP on my MS PC downstairs in my house. I'm thinking of getting my wife either a Powerbook or I-Book for upstairs. Is there a way or gadget or thing-a-bob for her to dial into our ISP without having a phone wire running to the wall from the laptop? I told you it would sound stupid. :confused:


technologist 05-31-2004 10:19 PM

Yes. Apple makes an AirPort Extreme base station with a built-in 56K modem for exactly this purpose. Plug the base station into the phone line, set it up with your ISP's info and phone number, and your wife can connect wirelessly from her laptop.

If your Windows PC has an 802.11 card, you can both use the connection at the same time. (Though it might be kind of slow to do this with a dial-up modem.)

The bad news: The base station with modem is $250. (The 'Book will also need an AirPort card; all new PowerBooks come with them, as does the top-of-the-line iBook; otherwise, it's another $100)

(Usually, Apple's wireless products are much more expensive than those from Linksys, DLink, and other companies. I looked for, but couldn't find, an 802.11 base station with a modem from another company. It seems Apple's AirPort base stations are the only ones that have a modem. Anyone know of any others?)

For more info:

Big Dog Dad 06-06-2004 03:18 PM

btt - Thanks!

Graeme43 06-12-2004 09:03 AM

if you have a PC that can share internet to a network card, you could plug it in there if it was the ethernet base

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