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    Looking for image browser with batch features
    hello, I'm a new mac user. So far I've managed to find the same and / or alternative applications to those that I was previously using on PC but there is one that I've not been able to locate an alternative for:


    These are the features I'm after:

    Explore images with Image Browser (thumbnails / preview) - found app for this
    View your images/video in full-screen - found app for this

    But this is missing in all the apps I've looked at so far:
    Batch rename/resize/convert

    Can anyone suggest something?


    I've been using cam2pc with XP / boot camp and also tried it with parallel but you can't access that mac drive easily with parallels. You can in boot camp by using macdrive.

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    Even iPhoto can do a nice job of batch-resizing and converting. Renaming is up to you (and automator.)

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    Batch-renaming app:

    Not limited to pictures, of course.
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    Thank you very much

    Had a play with GraphicConverter does exactly what I need, lets you append some text to a file name!

    I'll use renamer first to do the hires files and GraphicConverter to generate all the thumbs I need

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