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Thread: Microsoft User Data Folder... go away!

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    Microsoft User Data Folder... go away!
    Why can't I take this folder out of my "Documents" folder? I've tried moving it into the Microsoft Office Folder. I've even tried sending it to the trash. And it still comes back into the "Documents" folder. Any help?

    Let me see if I can answer my own question. Is it because the "Documents" folder is my default save to folder for Office? If this is so, what's the best way to move this file elsewhere?

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    In my experience quite a few apps like to clutter up the 'documents' folder with their default settings or cache folders.

    Mine now contains Roxio converted items, Quicken backup folder, adobe help center etc etc.

    So instead of trying to keep it clean, I've created a separate folder that I use for my real 'documents'. It's a bit of a clutzy workaround, but those folders and files are normally re-created everytime you start the application that created them.

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