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    Common Solution, Simple execution?
    All over the forum i have found people saying that using an ethernet cable to transfer files between an old PC and a new Mac is the best/cheapest/fastest way to transfer files.
    I found these instructions on the Apple website:
    Direct connect
    To move files by connecting your Mac directly to your PC:

    Connect your Mac to your PC using a standard Ethernet cable.
    Make sure that both computers are turned on.
    In the Finder on your Mac, choose Connect to Server from the Go menu to open the window.
    Type your PC's network address in the Server Address text box using one of these formats:
    Click Connect.
    Follow the onscreen instructions to enter your PC's workgroup name, user name, password, and the volume or folder you wish to access.
    Your PC volume should appear on your Mac Desktop.
    Open the volume and drag and drop files directly from it to anywhere on your Mac.
    When finished, drag your PC volume to the Trash to unmount it.

    Can anyone explain what the smb://DNSname/ShareName
    smb://IPaddress/ShareName bit means?

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    I'll use an example to make things easier:


    DNSname = Name of your PC (To find, right click My Computer, click the "Computer Name" tab and it's the Full Computer name, not description. Workgroup is also in the same page.)
    ShareName = Name of the shared folder on your Windows PC (You have to right click on folders you want to transfer, click "Sharing and Security, and check "Share this folder on the network". The name in the textbox below is the ShareName.)

    So for example, lets say you have a PC named "Bob" and a folder named "Stuff" which is enabled as a shared folder. You would enter "smb://Bob/Stuff" into the Server Address box.

    The "smb://IPaddress/ShareName" is basically the same thing as above but using the IP address of the PC instead of its name. You would use this way if you can't find the PC using its name. To find the IP of the PC, open up command prompt and type "ipconfig".

    Btw how's the 2.2ghz MBP?

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    15" MBP SR 2.2GHz
    thanks a lot for that, really helpful.
    MBP is great, best laptop i have ever had.
    the 8600GT is a great graphics chip and makes a real difference over the old ATi one.
    It's a pity that Apple did not take full advantage of the SR chip features, such as Turbo memory, but it is still very fast.

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