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    live video streaming prob with iMac
    I'm finding that live web video streaming on my new intel iMac (1 Gig RAM, Superdrive) is pretty poor. I've tried different live stream sites with the
    same results: jerky, stop and go streaming, really quite unwatchable. I have
    adjusted QuickTime and Flip4Mac settings, but no dice. I have a relatively
    slow DSL connection at about 256K (I've set QuickTime to that). I'm fairly
    new to this sort of web experience so don't know if what I'm getting is
    within the range of normal for that DSL speed. But if so, then setting your
    DSL connection speed in the QuickTime preferences is a useless exercise
    because, as I said, the video I'm getting is unwatchable.
    Thanks for any help.
    cheers. LG

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    I hate to say this but it might just be your connection.
    Consider a wireless internet connection.

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