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    "Snap to Grid"
    Well, I finally got my MacBook. It looks beautiful, and I am getting used to it, but I have a few questions...

    1. "Snap to Grid." Is it me or does this thing just not work? I keep trying to move icons around, and instead the icons keep snapping back to their original spots, or worse yet, they create space at the top of the window.

    2. Is there any way of making a folder invisible? For example, do I need the Microsoft User Data folder in my Documents? I feel I probably do, but I would like to not see it in my Documents.

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    1) Hmm, it seems like you might have the "Keep Arranged By.." checkbox checked?

    2) Sorry, but I'm unsure about this one. Usually you can add a "." via Terminal at the beginning of a file name to make it hidden, but I THINK that might actually change the path to the folder, and I'm sure your Microsoft programs won't like that. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try though. RIDE posted a great little tutorial on how to do this here:

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    Get X-Ray. It's a program that lets you make things invisible.

    Although. You only need that Microsoft User Data folder if you have Office. If you hve uninstalled the trial that came with your Mac, you can just delete that folder.

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