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    how do i check for dead pixel?
    yep what i asked above

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    Quote Originally Posted by vxd View Post
    yep what i asked above
    Clean the screen then set the background to a single light colour (like all white) and look for dark spots.


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    You could also use PiXel Check, a freeware app that
    is a utility that allows you to easily turn on all or specific pixels on your LCD display, allowing you to check for bad or dead LCD pixels.
    From the Read Me:
    "Red" activates all red piXels, "Blue" activates all blue piXels, and "Green" activates all of the green piXels. The "Black" and "White" tests activate or deactivate all red, green, and blue piXels respectively.

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    I got a dead pixel on mine =/
    not that noticable so thats good
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    Why look for something that isn't bothering you? It's just screaming for trouble. I don't see any dead pixels so I won't bother to check.
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