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Thread: can't remove item from trash

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    can't remove item from trash
    item won't delete from trash - message says - the item cannot be completed because the item "FMStrs.dis" is locked - when I go to 'get info' it show as being unlocked. is an application 2.6mb the application is Store House 1.0 21-46-20 and was originally downloaded as a widget but never worked now I can't get rid of it! Grrrrrr! Any advice would be appreciated.

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    (quick summary: try holding down the option key as you empty the trash.)

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    I have a problem with the Trash too. Sometimes when I start the MacBook there is an item in the trash that I didn't put there! It's a folder that says "Recovered Items" with about 9 other folders inside (I'll try and do a screen grab next time it happens). I've deleted this folder a few times but it randomly comes back! Any ideas what's causing this to happen?

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    I tend to get the Recovered Files thing when something's crashed or I haven't shut down properly. I just delete it.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, lindarpul.

    That Apple article linked to in technologist's post covers a lot of workarounds.

    If you still can't get it to work, you might want to try this.

    And recovered files don't always happen when the Mac hasn't been shut down properly or an app crashed: its lazy programming in most cases. Some apps (Quark 7 immediately comes to mind) will not purge their temp files upon quitting the app: these temp files will only purge themselves when the Mac either restarts or is shut down and then booted again.

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    I have this sitting right next to my trash, works great.

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    THKS technologist -the option key worked!

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