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Thread: file systems... i know, fascinating stuff

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    file systems... i know, fascinating stuff
    So I recently got an MBP and I'd like to share an external HDD between it and a few of my Windows machines. I just bought a 500GB hard drive which I'm gonna put in an external enclosure. Would it be possible to format one 15GB or so partition in FAT32 to use as a "swap" file to transfer large files between the two different OSes?

    In other words, my question is basically: can Mac OS X and Windows XP both read/write a partition formatted in FAT32? and if so, what is the max size of both the partition and files in FAT32?

    thanks for your help guys!

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    OS X - read/write
    Windows - read/write

    OS X - read
    Windows - read/write

    OS X - read/write
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    Windows XP can only make maximum 32-GB FAT32 partitions.

    (side note: On PCs, I get around this by reformatting first using a Windows 98 boot disk, then installing 98 then XP.)

    As for the max file size, according to Wikipedia, it's 4 GB.
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