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    TOTAL NOOB! please help.
    Hi folks!

    As a windows convert as of 2 days ago, im still learning a lot about OS X.

    Can someone point me in the right direction regarding the Sandisk U3 launcher software? I have a U3 drive which worked fine on XP, I cant seem to find how to run executable files on OS X so that I can run the launcher and submit my password to gain access to the usb stick.

    Secondly, how do I make windows fit the screen? The 'maximize' button seems to make windows slightly bigger...?

    Despite these ickle setbacks, i love this system!! no more microsoft for me!!

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    Funny you should ask.... I too am looking for a way to have a secure (password protected) thumbdrive that moves between both Windows and OS X.

    Let's see what the experts have to say....

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    macs do not run .exe files. Not sure exactly what a U3 drive is but if it is just a pen drive, it should show in your finder as a mounted drive. Can you not access it from there?

    The browser window normally maximises to the need of the screen you are looking at I think so it may not cover all of your screen if it is not required.

    Sorry if this doesnt help.
    Just the road and my MBP.. wohoo.. No wireless networks - DOH! Oh well, wheres my ipod! :headphone

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    Hi, yeah OS shows the drive, but the U3 software has encrypted it so that the documents cannot be read.

    By the way, also, can anyone tell me if its possible to import contacts and mail from microsod outlook? what a bind

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