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    Setting up a new office wireless network

    I have recently moved offices and would like to setup a network involving my G5, two MacBook Pros, a powerbook g4, and two ibooks. I was hoping to use my Airport Extreme and my two express for wireless. Main purpose is for data sharing, and if possible, I would like to snyc one MacBook Pro with the G5. Any direction is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Not sure exactly what you're asking here, but I'll give it a go with what I'd do as far as setting up a network.

    Airport Extreme: Hardwire to your Cable Modem for the WAN (internet) connection. Network cable this (not wireless connection) to your Power Mac G5, and use the G5 for most of your network admin operations. Connect to this router using Airport Utility, and set up the Airport Extreme to CREATE a wireless network. We'll call the network (SSID) YourHomeNetwork.

    Airport Expresses (Expressi?): Plug these into wall outlets in opposite corners of your office/house/wherever you are. Use one of the notebooks with wireless to connect to them using Airport Utility, and set them up to EXPAND (not create) the network YourHomeNetwork. This will allow the Airport Expresses/Expressi to use their higher level of power coming from the outlets to expand your Extreme's network, thus giving you a range much farther than the Extreme base station by itself.

    If you're planning on using AirTunes, you'll need to plug one of the Expressi into an outlet near your stereo. Also, it might be a good idea to plug the Expressi into outlets near your printers, to enable network printing.

    If you need help beyond this, post again, and I/someone else will be sure to help you out.
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    Thank you for the reply. I am sure this should get me on the right track.

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