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    Jun 23, 2007
    Need a dvd for my PowerMac G4
    I just bought 1Gb to enhance the memory, but now I realise all new softwares came in dvd and I only have a cd drive.
    Should I buy a dvd drive? External? Where to buy?

    Thanks for any help as I am going nuts trying to get the machine to work since I have graphic design job I need to finish!

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    Internal are cheaper than external. The good thing about external its portable sos whenever you need a DVD drive you have one. I would check or I wouldnt rule out EBay either.

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    If you buy an external, make sure it is a FireWire capable drive. I don't think you can boot from a USB external, although I may be wrong.

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    You can get an internal for peanuts off ebay. Stick it in and it will work straight off.

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