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Thread: Want to get MBP for Protools.

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    Jun 24, 2007
    Want to get MBP for Protools.
    I am getting pretty serious into home recording and was wondering what advantages a Mac based laptop would have over a Vista based laptop in audio programs like Protools and such. Now, I know Vista currently doesn't support Protools, but that is supposed to change sometime this summer. Does anyone have any experience with these type of programs. I just want a little more insight before I drop 3 grand on a laptop. Thanks

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    you might want to post this in the audio setion of the forum where there are alot more people that know about this stuff there.

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    not into audio yet, but will be buying drum pad and keyboard after summer when i have time... but my buddy uses Albeton Live??? says he wouldn't do music on anything but a MBP or Pro workstation...

    and yea the advantage is the OS and stability your mac will have (if you choose to buy one)... and every thing is just extremely simple and efficient. which i am sure when you are recording audio would be a HUGE advantage rather if you were just doing e-mails. drop the 3 grad, you won't regret it. BUT it will take time to get used too! just a heads up

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