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Thread: another switcher here! :)

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    another switcher here! :)
    hi folks, just thought i'd introduce myself as another new switcher to the ranks... just less than an hour ago I fired up my new iMac 24", and so far i'm very happy... the mouse feels strange and doesn't seem to track as precisely as my MS mouse, but i'll stick with it for a while

    I also have no clue how anything on the GUI works, but half the fun is working all that out I spose

    this is technically my 3rd Mac, because several years ago I had an even-then-ancient Macintosh 128k, then a Mac Plus when that died... but this is the 1st 21st century Mac i've had, and boy does it look better than my other two!!

    anyway, I would have probably stayed with Windows (it might be crap but I know how it all works), but my plan is to get a job in graphics as a Photoshop/Illustrator monkey, and employers generally seem to want Mac experience... so out came the wallet

    so I'm going away now to play, but i'll probably be popping up to ask some inane questions soon


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    Just added a post to my on Screencasts online, and if you need any more tutorials you might try the following links

    I'm jealous because all I'm doing at the moment is seeing what I'm missing at the moment!!!!

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    Welcome to the world of Mac and congrats on your new 24" Imac. Sweet machine. In reference to your mouse speed, play around with the perferences until you get it to suit your taste. Trust me you'll quickly get use to the mouse. This is a great place for recent switchers and don't hesitate to ask questions.

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    Moggs, welcome aboard! You will like life in Mac-land. Re the mouse, the Apple Mighty Mouse is a real lightning rod - people seem to either love it or hate it. I would suggest a great alternative, if you are up to spending a wee bit more money - the Logitech Wireless Desktop S530. This is a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. It is excellent.

    I purchased one myself about a year ago, after deciding I was in the "hate it" camp re the Mighty Mouse. I have been exceptionally pleased. The S530 keyboard and mouse are both wonderful. Just a suggestion if you decide you are in the "hate it" camp as well...
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