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Thread: Mouse functionality on a Mac

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    May 13, 2007
    Mouse functionality on a Mac
    Ok...I know that Apple has made a "mighty mouse" that can function somewhat like a PC mouse. Here are a couple of quick queries:

    1. Does the Apple version have any extra buttons on the side like the MS versions do? Or is it just the left/right click and

    2. Are there different versions of the mighty mouse, or just one version?

    While we're at white the only colour that iMacs come in? Are there any black models out there? Any plans for different colour schemes? I wouldn't mind a brushed aluminum look, or a black one. The white one sort of irritates me. Not a big fan of white.

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    May 17, 2007
    iMac = White only ATM

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    Also be sure to note, The Tsar, that pretty much any USB mouse will work with a Mac, so if the Mighty Mouse doesn't strike your fancy, you can use one that you like.

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    There are two side buttons, as well as the main ones, but both side buttons have to do the same thing.

    Although there are no official black iMacs, there is a company called ColorWare PC who do black ones. They are legit because i've seen a video on YouTube of a guy who got a BlackBook Pro.

    Also, you can get a Mac from Apple, then send it off to ColorWare PC and they'll color it for you. It costs quite a bit though.

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    My issues with the MightyMouse are twofold:

    1) The scroll wheel gets dirty and there is no way to take it apart and clean it. The damp cloth method works ok at best, but it's not a good solution for the long term. That has the phrase "design flaw" written all over it.

    2) Lack of customization of those 2 extra side buttons. They only give you a limited choice in what you can do, none of which are what I want it to do.

    My solution? Don't use an Apple mouse. In fact, my current mouse is an MS trackball mouse with 5 completely customizable buttons.

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    I agree.....there are certainly things that Apple does better....but 'mousing' isn't one of them. My MBP proudly displays it's usb MS mouse!

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    Keyboards and Mice haven't been Apple's strong points. I have both Apple KB and MM wired and I think they're just OK.

    I'm saving up a little side pot for this [URL=",en"]Logitech Setup[/URL].

    The Mighty Mouse has two extra functions beside the left/right mouse buttons: You can squeeze the mouse to invoke something like Exposé or Dashboard, and you can press the Scroll Ball to do the same. You can easily set it up in the Mouse prefs.
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    Here is the Mighty Mouse Panel with 3 views showing what you can assign to the side buttons and ball. I have 3 MM's in the house. I also use mostly Logitech mice and love them.
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