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Thread: Macs and PDAs

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    Macs and PDAs
    Does Pocket PC/Windows Mobile 2003 work with a Pbook or an ibook?


    PS. I will be in EUrope for nine months and am looking for a laptop to buy. I may also end up getting a PDA...>I want it to be able to access th einternet wirelessly but I also want it to work well with my laptop....any suggestions of particular models tha tI could use in France? THanks..

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    If you get that pretty much any pocketPC will work fine with the Apple
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    Could you clarify a little...are you looking for advice on models of laptops, PDA's, or both?

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    looking for models of PDAs

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    From experience (I've owned both PPC and Palm based PDAs) the Palm based ones work infinitely better with Mac OS (and in general). However, if you find yourself in dire need of a Windoze based PDA, it will work marginally with Mac OS with the right software.

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