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    switching to mac at work...interfacing with PCs
    we are considering switching to macs at work. we do grpahics and animations for bars and clubs and we saw the new final cut studio setup and we NEED it, so today i have been speccing up a Mac Pro as our first mac in the new studio. i need to know how a mac will interface with our PC server and other pcs in the studio. at the moment we can drag and drop files onto each others machines will this still be possible from mac to PC and vice versa? will the mac interface with our windows server?

    i am going to try my macbook at work on monday, any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    Mac OS X has some very good networkign features. When setup properly, Macs and PC's can jsut swap files effortlessly. They see each other just like a hard drive.

    More here:
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    Assuming you're on a fairly small network (i.e. not using a domain/Active Directory for security), you should be able to just click the 'Go' menu and click 'Connect to Server'. In the Server Address field, type:

    ...substituting the <servername> and <sharename> for the appropriate values for your server. Don't forget to use forward '/' slashes instead of backslashes.
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    awesome dudes, will have a play with it on monday. could be putting an order in later in the week

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