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    Talking From 1Gb to 2Gb ram - What a massive difference!
    Hi everyone, so i finally received my 2gb ram (2 x 1Gb DDR2 667Mhz). I then went about following the apple book that came with my iMac and removed the 1gb easily (2 x 512mb sticks) and then went about and installed my 2GB ram.

    Plugged everything and began booting up and bam it was Quicker than ever!?

    I cannot believe what a difference it makes (i knew it would make some difference, but jesus it's massive!)

    So anyone still using 1GB upgrade to 2gb if u can!!!!!

    BTW does anyone think i'll be able to sell the 2 x 512mb sticks? Or should i not bother because i'll get nothing for them!?

    It's sooo easy and also....MAC FTW!

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    Why don't you just put one of the 512 sticks back in? You would have 2.5GB RAM then.

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    The iMac only has two slots smurfy, and he's got two 1GB sticks in there.

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