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    Problem w/DVD Player on new MacBook
    So I recently got a new MacBook, and I just put a DVD in there. The DVD is 100% legit, I have had no problems with it on my last computer, or my regular DVD player. However, the computer doesn't recognize it, and it doesn't even show up as being "in there," if you know what I mean. Not only won't it play, but I can't get it out because the computer says it's not even in there.

    I downloaded a patch from the apple website, but it won't let me install says "a newer version of this software already exisits in this location."

    Does anybody know what I can do? To fix my DVD player, or at least get this thing out of my computer. Thanks a ton!

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    Restart and when you boot up hold down the mouse button and it should eject. Depending on the region of the DVD it may not play, try using VLC player as it will play any region of DVD's.

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