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    Track pad Freezes
    I got the new MB and as I use it the track pad freezes. You can be moving from one side of the screen to the other and it freezes up for about 10 seconds. After about 10 seconds it will move again and then may not freeze up for a few minutes or it may do it again a few seconds later.

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    I've had a similar problem and it also occurs with a mouse. When I leave the cursor alone for a short while and go move it again, it does not move. I have to do a quick wiggle of the mouse or quickly move back and forth over the track pad. This seems to me to be Intel Mac specific. My experience is limited to the Macbook Pro.

    I once mentioned this to an Apple Genius and got a blank stare.

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    It happens to me when I copy/paste something. The mouse cursor will disappear for about 2 seconds. I notice that it happens more when I use the track pad. It doesn't do it when I have a USB mouse plugged in.

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