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    PDFs not working properly.
    For the past few months I've been reading Uncanny X-Men comics off this awsome DVD I bought. I opened it up on my new Mac for the first time and none of the menu PDFs have words, making it rather difficult to find the right comic since I only have the cover thumbnails to go on. Anyone else have that problem with the PDF veiwer that comes standard with my new Mac and a solution to said problem.

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    That sounds a strange one. Try downloading Adobe Reader and using that instead.

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    Mac automatically opens PDF's with Preview, which does not have all of the functions of acrobat. I had quite a panic thanks to this- i recently switched, and my magazine runs a monthly, free PDF of our issue. We recently started adding links to ads- click on the ad, go to the company website- and after we announced this, I couldn't get the links to work on my new iMac! 13.8 minutes of panic later, I figured it out, and installed acrobat.

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