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    How do I keep my desktop neat?
    When I download an application, I know I can drag it to my applications folder to install it. However, a copy remains on my desktop. How can I eliminate this icon yet retain the application in my folder? If I put this icon on the desktop in the trash and empty, do I remove the application? This is a mystery...

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    once you've moved the app to your apps folder, you can eject and then delete the .dmg. you can also save these dmgs, if you want, to another folder somewhere or archive them to a disk.

    i've created a downloads folder in my home folder specifically for safari to download to so my desktop remains empty. that's another option to consider.
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    This also confounds my neighbor. It sometimes appears to the user that there are four version of the same program.
    1) The disk image file
    2) The mounted disk image
    3) The program in the disk image
    4) The program you copied out of the disk image onto your hard drive.

    When program developers make cutesy icons that match across all 4 of those, it can get confusing.

    After you have item 4 on your hard drive, put #2 in the trash, then #1 in the trash.
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    I suggest changing your downloads folder so it is not your desktop. I only have my Macintosh HD icon on my desktop, just how I like it, clean and simple.

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    Thank you all for your suggestions. I think I will create a download folder just for these items. Then I will retain use of them should I need to reinstall.

    Many thanks!!

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