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Thread: Good and bad story

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    Good and bad story
    I'm sixteen, and i have the kind of parents that wouldn't let me get my license until i'm seventeen, so about two weeks until i turn seventeen, i get pulled over, driving without a license. So all the money i have saved up for a car needs to go somewhere, seeing as how my license is going to be on hold for at least another year by law. Therefore, i am in the market for a MB or a MBP. I either want to get the Black MB or the lowest MBP. Last time i was at an apple store, i wasn't even looking at the computers that much. so basically i need some inspiration as to which i should get. I don't do much on the computer. Mostly just internet surfing and word processing. i do however use photoshop often. any insight on this topic?


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    The MacBook doesn't have a graphics card - the MacBook Pro does. This is the biggest difference. The Pro can also have a hi-res screen, and you can choose between a glossy or a matte one. It also has a better processor and a bigger hard drive.

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    Were I in your position, I'd probably get a MacBook. As you said, you don't do more than the common tasks, and it doesn't sound like you need a bigger screen or a higher-end graphics card. The MacBook is nice and portable, and can do everything you need it to do. If you can, get the higher-powered one (either a black one or a maxed out white one), just to make sure you're completely covered.

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