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    Jun 19, 2007
    Virus protection?
    I am considering downloading LimeWire to be able to download media, but am afraid of contracting a virus. Does anyone know....

    a) If it is safe to use Limewire on a Mac?

    b) Is there any alternative to LimeWire?

    c) What company, etc. provides virus protection, or virus scanning for Mac? I haven't noticed any factory installed software but maybe I am missing something?

    As always, thanks.

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    I've downloaded and used Limewire (for evaluation purposes only of course!) on various Macs over the last 4 years... works fine... no problems... no viruses...

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    a) Yes.

    b) Yes. Search for Acquisition in Google.

    c) Virus scanning is not necessary on your Mac, as there are no Mac viruses. All Mac antivirus programs scan for Windows viruses to prevent you from spreading viruses to Windows users. Windows viruses cannot infect your Mac, but they can be passed to and infect Windows users.

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    you could always try clamxav if you really want to have an av client on your mac

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    All of the above.
    When you install Clam you will notice that there aren't any updates... There aren't any viruses to protect against!

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    Jun 19, 2007
    Wow. Thanks everyone. When I had a PC I had countless viruses. Before considering buying the Mac I didn't even think to research about viruses. It's amazing that now I no longer have to worry about viruses. I spent so much time on my old PC scanning, updating, rescanning, ahhh the time I could have saved if I had a mac. Thanks again, take care and good night.

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    There has been 0 viruses for OSX10

    Mac Convert

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    I find frostwire cleaner and less likely to cause problems
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