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    Firstly let me say hello to the community, I've just placed an order for a Black Macbook and I'm looking forward to the improvements in productivity I hope the MAC OS will bring.

    Coming from an XP and Ubuntu background I'm interesting in what applications a MAC user should install from day one to make the experience top notch. I'm looking at the following: -

    • Firefox
    • Thunderbird - but I think .mail looks nice
    • Handbrake
    • Quicksilver

    I would also like a decent terminal application for scripting and a text editor. Any information would be excellent.

    Kind Regards,


    MacBook Black
    160 Gig Drive
    2 Gig RAM
    (and a free case and Mini-DV to VGA cable the sales guy added to the deal)

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    WELCOME to M-F!

    a few great places to find some really good apps are or

    here is a link with a ton of good info on switching:

    I was on the M-F honor roll for month : May 2007

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    thanks for the link Kodor.

    jezster, you should at least try safari and mail for a bit before relegating them to the back of your applications "closet."

    i was a die-hard firefox and thunderbird user on windows and i did download and try firefox for mac, but prefer safari.

    something you may want to look into to start with are mainmenu or onyx (both do similar things). you can use them to "clean house" so to speak - empty caches and delete logfiles and such. nice programs.

    also delocalizer. this will help you save some disk space by removing support for languages you will not be using (make sure to keep all forms of english if that's what you do keep).
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    Jun 20, 2007
    MacBook 2.2Ghz C2D (Black), 4GB RAM, 320GB Disk, MAC OSX 10.6.1, AC, 80Gig Classic, iPhone 16G 3G
    This is all excellent information and I will ensure that I follow your guides. I'm really excited to get started now but the delivery have just been pushed back a week!!! Grr....

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